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Can I have tea/coffee on the detox?

You can have one coffee a day without any dairy milk or sugar. There is no limit on herbal team, you can have as much as you like.

Do I have to cook anything?

No, we send you everything totally prepared. You can reheat your Nosh food by using the microwave or the oven, the food containers are microwave and oven safe. If you want to use the oven, we recommend that you put the food tray in a tray with some water. Heat until piping hot before eating.

Will I like the food?

When we make up your personal menu, it will be based on information you give us about what foods you like or dislike. Above all, we are about providing gourmet quality food, personalised to your tastes.

Will I put on weight eating 3 meals and 2 snacks?

No. Our programmes are designed so that you are eating at regular intervals during the day. This balances your blood sugar, reduces cravings, prevents bingeing, and discourages fat storage. In contrast, starving your body encourages your metabolism to slow down and hoard food, converting it to fat.

Should I eat my meals and snacks even if I’m not hungry?

Yes, even if you only eat some, but not all, of the serving. It helps to maintain your energy levels and metabolism.


What should I do after finishing a detox?

After finishing a detox, your body will be reset so that you can begin a healthier diet. So just remember the hard work you put in to complete your detox and stick to it! We recommend you to add lots of greens and fruits in your diet and try to avoid gluten and dairy for a while, it will really benefit you!

How often should I do a detox?

A detox is a good way to cleanse your body and to get a fresh start. Because of this, a detox can never be a bad idea, just don’t overdo it!

Your body will be benefited from a detox every 6 weeks.


It won’t accept my discount code?

Please note that only one promotion may be used per transaction and it will be valid for only full price programmes. Any attempt successfully using more than one promotion per transaction will result in the transaction being voided.

Is the packaging recyclable?

We would love to eliminate plastic from our range, but unfortunately we haven’t manage to find one that is safe during transportation yet. We use recycled and recyclable PET.

How long the detox last for?

All the juice and food programmes will last up to 3 days in the fridge, from the day you will receive them.

Can I freeze my detox?

All the juice programmes can be frozen. We would recommend you to consume within 2-3 months after freezing. Please note that some times the juices might separate, shake them well before having them.

Regarding our food programmes, you can freeze all the cooked meals for up to 3 months.